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2022 Health Plans


This type of plan is recommended for you that are searching for a low monthly premium and the great benefit of visiting out-of-network providers in Puerto Rico and the United States. You will also receive other important benefits such as eyeglasses, dental, OTC, and more.

Who is it for?

Medicare Monthly Part B Premium Reduction
Hospital Stay*
Primary Care Physician (PCP)
Monthly Premium

Magno (HMO-POS)

If you are looking for a plan without a monthly premium, to have extra money every month without sacrificing the benefits you are looking for, a benefit to visit out-of-network providers in Puerto Rico and in the United States (Point-of-Service Option (POS)) and without referrals, Magno (HMO-POS) is for you. Magno (HMO-POS) is a plan specially designed for people seeking a reduction to their Medicare Part B premium with low copayments and attractive benefits such as eyeglasses, dental, OTC, among others.

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$0 copay for each visit to Specialists

Brillante (HMO-POS)

If your interest is a plan without referrals, without a monthly premium, with access to out-of-network providers, low copayments, and ample supplemental benefits, Brillante (HMO-POS) is for you. Brilliante (HMO-POS) is a plan specially designed for people who are looking for a complete plan without sacrificing with high copayments and excellent supplemental benefits such as eyewear, hearing aids, dental, OTC, among others.

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$0 copay for each visit to Specialists

*Copay applies for services in the Preferred Provider Network or services rendered in SALUS facilities. Other providers are available in our network.

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By completing this form, you as a beneficiary or authorized representative agree to have one of our sales representatives contact you to discuss the products Triple-S Advantage offers under Part C. Please be aware that the person calling you is a Medicare employee or subcontractor. They do not work directly with the federal government. This person could receive compensation based on your plan enrollment.

This selection does NOT obligate you to enroll in a plan, it does not affect your current membership, and it will not enroll you in another Medicare plan.

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