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Is the ComboCard also my health plan card?

No. You will only use your ComboCard to access the funds benefit for purchases and payments according to your coverage. You will receive a separate health plan card to access all the health and OTC benefits under your coverage.

How do I qualify for this benefit?

In our Platino (SNP) coverages that have the benefit, its automatic all members are eligible.

For other coverages, our team will evaluate whether you meet one or more of the conditions established by our regulator, CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services), taking into consideration your medical history, which includes hospitalizations, use of medications, and other health-related factors.

Triple-S Advantage, like all insurers, must ensure that the member meets the criteria defined by our regulator, CMS, for chronic illness to comply with their guidelines and regulations.

We encourage you to talk to one of our representatives about the available options in order to choose the one that best suits your needs.

What benefit does my ComboCard offer?

Contact the plan for the applicable information.

The amount of funds depends on which coverage you have. The funds are deposited on a monthly basis and any unused amount will accrue for the following month.

If you are a member of any coverage plan paid for by your former employer the benefit is deposited by quarter and does not accrue.

The ComboCard benefit can be used within the Triple-S network of participating or contracted merchants.

For the purchase of non-prepared food, it works similarly to the Nutritional Assistance Program (NAP) card.

You are also able to purchase or pay for the following:

Groceries and their delivery, home cleaning, fuel, utilities such as water, electricity, phone, internet, and cable/satellite TV, fast food establishments, restaurants, cleaning supplies, liquefied gas, health services copayments and coinsurance, OTC items and medications (additional to those covered by your plan), transportation services (additional to those covered by your plan), and entertainment (cinema, theaters, museums).

Where can I use the ComboCard?

You can find an updated list of participating merchants on our website

Which coverage plans offer the ComboCard benefit?

The following coverage plans include the ComboCard: Real, Platino Advance, Platino Enlace, Platino Titán, Platino Selecto, Basic, and Óptimo.

Can I use the ComboCard to access my OTC benefit?

No. The OTC benefit must be accessed through your health plan card.

Remember that you have three different ways in which you can purchase OTC items so you can use your OTC benefits with ease.

  • You may pay for them and pick them up the same day using the barcode on the back of your health plan card. Over 600 community drugstores around the island are already equipped with this system. barcode
  • Plus, you have the option to order them through our Triple-S en Casa app and receive them at your preferred location.
  • Or you can pay for them at the cashier as usual in those drugstores that have not yet implemented the barcode system.

As part of the uses of the ComboCard, if you need to use additional funds for OTC items (additional to those covered by your plan) you will be able to use funds from the ComboCard.

Why do we offer funds for purchases and payments through the ComboCard

We recognize that being unable to afford the basic needs of daily living can have negative effects on your health. The rising costs of food, water, electricity, gas, fuel, and other expenses can be a major stressor in our members' lives. The ComboCard funds not only offer relief by helping you cover the cost of these goods or services, but they can also help you cover copay and coinsurance payments for health services, entertainment, and OTC and transportation services additional to the ones covered in your plan. This will bring more peace of mind and a better quality of life for older adults, which will contribute directly to better health.

What food products can I purchase at the grocery store?

  • You can buy bread, cereal, fruit, vegetables, meat, poultry, fish, milk, coffee, nutritional drinks, and more. Similar to what is allowed on the NAP card.
  • You may also purchase prepared food at the supermarket cafeteria.
  • Purchase of liquor, cigarettes, vitamins, medications, pet food, among others, is not permitted.

What cleaning products can I purchase?

Everyday items such as detergents for cleaning surfaces, laundry detergents, dishwashing detergents, paper towels, sponges, brooms, mops, disposable water filters, among others.

When is my benefit deposited?

This benefit is deposited at the beginning of each month and what you do not use, accrues from month to month. If you are a member of any coverage plan paid for by your former employer, contact the plan for applicable information.

Why can I no longer withdraw cash from ATMs?

As part of the rules established by CMS, the regulatory agency for Medicare Advantage plans, this type of benefit has been eliminated for 2023. The same applies to all companies.

At Triple-S Advantage, we offer you the benefit of funds through the ComboCard which you can use for all of the benefits mentioned above at thousands of participating merchants, and we also offer you cash through the buydown benefit (savings on your Medicare Part B premium). The buydown benefit is cash that you receive directly through your Social Security check which can be withdrawn from your bank account at ATMs should you wish to do so.

I did not receive the PIN or secret number for my card.

With our card, you choose your PIN number. When you call the automated system at 1-844-333-3072 to activate your card, you will be asked to choose a 4-digit PIN. The numbers CANNOT be sequential. Example: You cannot use: 1234 or 1111.

You can also activate your card online at

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