Now more flexiblewith more conditions that make you eligible.

Specialized staff that will help you with daily life tasks that are hard to do due to a health condition.

*Applies to certain coverages.

Light house cleaning (cleaning, laundry, washing dishes, among other tasks)
Getting dressed and taking a bath
Help to move around the house
Meal preparation
Medication reminders
Diaper changes and repositioning to avoid ulcers

Up to 48 HOURS per year

Hasta 48 HORAS al año

Available for patients:

With COPD and supplemental oxygen dependence On intravenous chemotherapy or systemic radiation therapy After hip, knee, or open-heart surgery NEW! After abdominal surgery (appendectomy, hernia repair, cysts, among others) After hospitalization due to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, heart failure, or acute stroke That are bedridden

Up to 160 HOURS per year

Hasta 160 HORAS al año

Available for bedridden patients that require essential services related to:

Chemotherapy Ventilators
CPAP Enteral nutrition
Oxygen dependency Specialty drugs (for cancer or pulmonary hypertension) Wound care Ostomy NEW! Dementia (including Alzheimer's)

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