Health, savings and convenience

  • Visit your doctors, laboratories, imaging centers, and hospitals

  • Pay for groceries and delivery, and home cleaning and disinfection

  • Obtain your prescripted medications

  • Purchase your OTC products with the new barcode

  • Get cash for whatever you need: water, electricity, gas, entertainment, and more

    Hacienda Confirma: Este dinero no tributa ni cuenta como ingreso.

Using your Triple-S Advantage Mastercard® is easy

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Tarjeta Triple-S Advantage Mastercard® Prepagada Flexicard MCS Te Paga Humana
Acceso a beneficios de salud y compras en una misma tarjeta Available Not available Not available Not available
Código de barras para llevarte tus OTC el mismo día Available Not available Not available Not available
Se acumula el dinero de mes a mes Available * Available Not available Not available
Dinero para compra de alimentos Available Available Available Available
Dinero para pago de cargos por sevicio de entrega de la compra al hogar Available Not available Not available Not available
Dinero para limpieza y desinfección del hogar. Available Not available Not available Not available
Dinero en efectivo para retirar en cajeros automáticos Available * Available

*Aplica solo en Grande Platino (HMO-SNP) y MMM Extra (HMO-POS)

Not available Not available
Flexibilidad de comprar en miles de comercios.
De la red Mastercard o que acepten Mastercard
Available * Not available Not available Not available
Compra de artículos OTC (adicional al beneficio en su cubierta) Available * Available Not available Not available
Copagos y Coaseguros Available * Available Not available Not available
Pagar restaurantes, gasolina, cine, teatros, AAA, AEE, Telefono, Internet Available * Available

*Aplica solo en los suplidores contratados

Not available Not available

*Aplica al Beneficio de dinero en efectivo.

Beneficio de dinero en efectivo mensual a través la Triple-S Advantage Mastercard® mientras sea afiliado. Llámanos para dudas o rechazar este beneficio al 1.888.620.1919 (libre de cargos) / 1.866.620.2520 TTY (audioimpedidos) de lunes a domingo de 8 a.m. a 8 p.m. Rechazar este beneficio no afectará su elegibilidad al plan o cualquier otro beneficio.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the prepaid Triple-S Advantage Mastercard® also my insurance card?

Yes, it is. You show it to your doctors, hospitals, laboratories, imaging centers, and any other healthcare provider, just like you do with a regular health plan card.

Why does my benefit allow for the purchase of food, but does not allow me to pay my electricity, water, and telephone bills?

Our wider benefits and services aim to improve or maintain the health of our members, by promoting better nutrition. This is why we decided to offer financial relief for food, which complements our clinical care model and the offering of visits to nutritionists with no need for a previous diagnosis.

However, if you want to have cash to help you pay utilities, we have several products with a cash benefit that could be of interest to you. With this benefit, you will be able to pay for whatever you need, including electricity, water, and telephone bills.

Why do I have to qualify for the grocery and home cleaning benefits?

To comply with the guidelines and rules of our regulator –CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services)– Triple-S Advantage, just like all insurers, must ensure that the member meets all the criteria defined by CMS for chronic diseases. In some cases, the information is already available in the member’s claims and records on file. We encourage you to ask your doctor when selecting coverages with these supplemental benefits.

Our team will evaluate whether you have one or more conditions of those established by CMS, and will evaluate your medical history, including hospitalizations and recoveries, medication use, and other factors related to your health.

We must emphasize that this benefit is not considered income and is not taxable.

How does the cash benefit work?

The cash benefit allows you to use the money deposited monthly at any establishment that accepts Mastercard®. Therefore, you can use it to pay other expenses, like electricity, water, telephone, gas, entertainment, and others. You may also check the balance of this benefit and make cash withdrawals from Oriental Bank’s automated teller machines. This cash benefit accrues on a month-by-month basis while you are still a plan member.

Which plans offer the cash benefit?

This benefit is offered as part of the Real and Platino Advance coverages.

Must I pay taxes over the cash benefit?

No, you don’t have to pay taxes for this cash. The Puerto Rico Department of Treasury confirmed that Triple-S Advantage’s cash benefit is not considered income and, therefore is not taxable. For the same reason, this benefit does not affect your eligibility based on income for Medicaid and other aid programs.

If you have questions about this, please contact us at 1.888.620.1919 / 1.866.620.1919 TTY (hearing impaired) from Monday to Sunday from 8 a.m to 8 p.m.

Can I waive my cash benefit?

Yes, if you do not want it, you can waive the cash benefit because it is a completely optional benefit and does not affect other additional benefits your coverage.

How does the new barcode on my insurance card facilitate access to OTC products?

To make it easier for you to use your benefit, you can now go to your drugstore and use our regular card or Mastercard®, whether to get them at the prescription drug counter, or better yet, pay for OTC products at the cashier outside the drug counter at almost 500 community drugstores. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Farmacias Aliadas
  • Farmacias Rey
  • Farmacias Belmonte
  • Farmacias Caridad

Why do we offer money for the purchase and delivery of food?

Many older adults struggle to purchase nutritious food due to financial reasons. It may also be difficult for them if the grocery story is far away, and they do not drive or face mobility issues. With this benefit, eligible members may get cash to buy groceries and pay for its delivery. By doing this, we also offer greater access to healthy food. A balanced nutrition is part of a healthy lifestyle.

Why do we include money for house cleaning services?

We recognize that hygiene and a clean home have a positive effect on physical and mental health. Therefore, this year, eligible members can enjoy this benefit in addition to what we already offered. This is part of our mission to provide our members with true holistic healthcare.